Save months of development time

Stripe Subscriptions

All subscription functionality is included such as adding, updating and removing subscriptions. Adding and removing payment methods is also supported. Stripe Webhooks are used to handle edge cases and ensure reliability of the system.

React Frontend

Modern Design with 100s of custom styled components. Ant-d is also used for further customization. Modularized code and other Modern Best practices are followed to ensure clean and organized React components.


Get pre configured AWS Infrastructure as code written in typescript. Infrastructure includes a AWS Serverless Fargate API server, AWS CI/CD pipeline and AWS Lambda


Completely Secure authentication with Firebase Auth. Google Social Login also Included

Machine Learning

Integrated and Custom Machine Learning and AI template

Blog and Docs

Fully featured Blog and Docs. Built with React.


Robust and modern testing suite with Jest, React Testing Library and Cypress


Allows Users to Invite other users with Team apps

Event Analytics

Advanced event based analytics with Google Analytics 4, see how your customers are really using your app


Modern in-app onboarding experience included

Roles and Permissions

Powerful, fully customizable and secure permission and roles system allowing for down to the HTML element level control.


Get automatic code splitting, server side generated html pages and other time saving optimizations with Nextjs.

Tech Stack

This boilerplate was built from the ground up using the latest and greatest technologies. Each technology was carefully thought about and compared to alternatives. Consideration was given both to technical performance and financial costs. An explanation of why each technology was chosen is given in the docs. Click below to read more.
Front End
React logoGatsby logoStyled Components logoStripe logoAntd LogoFirebase logo
Server Side
Nodejs logoPostgresql logoMongodb logoAmazon web services logoDocker logoJestjs logo
Faint purple blob in the background
Faint purple blob in the background

Why Saas Starter Kit?

As a small startup, your greatest advantage is speed. It is not worth time to code standard features of a SAAS when you could be building the core of your app.
Saas Starter Kit gives you a prebuilt state of the art SAAS app, ready to go for production. Get started coding the core of your app right away and get to market at a fraction of the time and cost.

Highest Quality Code

  • Near Perfect Google Lighthouse Scores.

    All the pages have nearly perfect Google Lighthouse Scores. Click the link below to learn more about Google Lighthouse

    Google Lighthouse
Near-perfect Google Lighthouse scores

Modern State of the Art App

This is a modern high performance app with nearly perfect Google Lighthouse scores for performance, SEO, accessibility and best practices. Meaning you are getting a fully optimized and highest quality app right out the box.

  • High Quality Coding Patterns

    This project uses the latest Javascript Syntax for both client and server. Best practices coding patterns are used. Alot of consideration was given to overall project organization and structure.

  • Easy Setup

    Just add the env variables and you are ready to go. Beyond simple documentation, this project comes with detailed tutorials that allow you to see exactly how this app works and was set up. Detailed Video Instructions are also included.

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