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Ship your SaaS in days, not months. Start building and working on the features that matter and get to market quicker. Save weeks of work by using a ready made SAAS boilerplate.

Built with a modern tech stack. Utilizing standard current industry patterns and best practices.



This project uses modern tools and technologies that give you everything you need to build modern SAAS apps.

Subscription Payments

Subscription Payments with Lemon Squeezy or Stripe

User Auth

Full Auth flow with Magic email sigin and Social Oauth login

Subscription Management

Allow users to update or cancel their subscription with Stripe or Lemon Squeezy customer portal

Roles and Permissions

Allow for fine grained persmission based on User roles.


Allow Users to create Orgs and Invite their Teamates


Modern, fully integrated and SEO optimized Blog


Cutting Edge and simple Email workflow with Resend and react-email

Shadcn and Tailwind

Modern UI with Shadcn and Tailwind, easily customizable and extendable

Mobile Friendly

Fully Supported Mobile and Tablet Breakpoints.

Dark Theme

Fully Integrated and Supported Dark Theme

Dedicated Support

dedicated support through Discord or Reddit

Free Updates

Lifetime subscription offers free updates.

Rich and detailed Docs

Extensive and Up to Date docs allow you to quickly get up to speed with the codebase.

You own your code

Open license allows you do anything you want with your code

Saas Starter Kit is a Modern Fully Featured SAAS Template

Fully Featured Modern Saas Template

Production Ready, Clean code.

Everything you need to start building your SAAS app. Just fill out the Env variables and you are ready to go.

Modern Tech Stack and Patterns
This template Utilizes Next 13+ with App Directory and Server Actions along with Typescript
Production Ready
Just fill out the Environment Variables and you are ready to Deploy. Optimized for Vercel Deployment
Clean Code
Industry Standard Coding Patterns. Simple and Modular code that is easy to modify and extend.

Roles and Permissions based access control

Multi Tenancy

Users can create organizations, invite other members, set up their role, etc.

Users can join and use multiple organizations, each org having its own independent dashboard and data.
Member Roles
Create user roles, and guard access to certain features based on the user role and permissions
Team Invites
Admins can invite and manage new members and assign user roles.

Authoziation and Billing

Authentication and Payments

Authenticate Users and Collect monthly payments with Stripe or LemonSqueezy.

Industry Standard Authentication
This template utilizes the next-auth. This library is the most popular nextjs auth solution and adheres to industry security best practices.
Social and Google login
This template supports Google Oauth login as well as email magic links.
Clean Code
Industry Standard Coding Patterns. Modern Tech Stack Utilizing Next 13+ with App Directory and Server Actions

Support and Updates

Join the Discord or Reddit Community to get help with setup or questions. Or Just to say hi.

This Project is updated weekly for security and feature updates.

Save Weeks of Engineering Time
Start using our Saas Kit Template today

Ship your SaaS in a week, not months. Start building and working on the features that matter and get to market quicker.