This Project uses Prisma as the Database Client with the SQL engine.

Prisma is an agnostic ORM and can be used with several DB engines including Postgres, MySQL and even NoSQL engines like MongoDB

Dev Database

To work with this DB a running local DB is required. Simply setup a local db using a tool such as PGadmin and substitute a connection URL in the env file. (opens in a new tab)

Prisma Studio

Prisma Studio is a helpful tool to see and work with data in the local database. It can be used as a lightweight alternative to pgAdmin. (opens in a new tab)

Working with Data

For fetching data we use server functions on server pages and pass down the data in client components

For mutating data we use server actions directly in the client components

API route handlers are only used for third party libraries that require a public endpoint.

See more in our comprehensive blog post. coming soon.