Orgs are entities that have their own data and settings associated with it and allows different users to access and modify that data based on their users roles.

This is the classic Saas application setup with multi tenancy and Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Org based subscription

To maintain multi tenancy, the subscription is attached to an organization rather than individual users.

This allows for multi tenancy where each organization can be treated as an entity and users can own or be part of multiple orgs.

Creating an Org

An org can be created by a user in the user dashboard. This will create an org and automatically set the user as the owner.

Getting the Org

Org ids are setup as a route path, to maintain consistency and global state.

The org id can be easily accessed as a param in server pages or with usePathname hook in client components

This id can then be used to make API request to associate the org with certain data.